Ecology - Sustainability

Grow with the Sun

The concept of sustainability represents the use of regenerating systems in a way that this system in it’s essential properties is maintained and the existance can be regenerated naturally for subsequent generations.

When we speak about ecology, then it’s because the matter is a long year concern for us. For us ecology means sustainable thinking, sustainable planning and sustainable building. The result is houses that guarantee minimal energy consumption during heating and ensure a pleasant indoor climate in summer and winter. We build houses for well-being - for generations. All WIGO houses are made from good, local wood. A building material that not only convinces because of it’s many natural qualities, but also grows indefinitely. The houses are fabricated in our factory, which is in Austria. Thinking sustainably also means securing jobs in one’s own country.


Did you know that...

…every 40 seconds in our forests the amount of wood grows back as you would need for a one-family house? In one year wood will be formed for 788,400 houses.

…Latvia’s forests cover 47.6 percent of the national territory. 

…each year in Latvia 12 million cubic meters of wood grow back, only half of them - about 6 million cubic meters - are harvested.